Rangitoto Kindergarten is situated in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, and it is a well known and integral part of the local community. 

The kindergarten has a great local and community feel to it.  We are extremely fortunate with all the support we receive from our parents and whanau.  We believe the kindergarten is very much about community partnership and collaboration.

The children at Rangitoto Kindergarten move on to schools in the local area.  These schools include Mairangi Bay, Murrays Bay, St Johns and a smaller number of children to Campbells Bay School

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Our Philosophy

Our kindergarten is very much about setting provocations for children.  It is about listening to children's ideas, supporting them and providing exciting challenges as they experience and develop working theories about the world around them.  Friendship and collaboration with peers and teachers provides a social framework for children.  Positive relationships, a sense of belonging and shared experiences are valued and nurtured.  We believe strongly that kindergarten should be a happy experience where children have the opportunity to be children, to have fun, and enjoy the experiences of early childhood education.

Our Philosophy in action

Children are competent and confident learners. They are engaged and motivated throughout all areas of the programme.The environment acts as our ‘fourth’ teacher.   We place an emphasis on ensuring the environment is engaging and challenging.   Care is taken to add objects of interest, change, challenge, and provide opportunities for children to revisit experiences. When children are engaged and involved in their explorations and learning – teachers can engage at a more in-depth level with children on an individual or small group level (rather then a supervisory role). Children’s voice and their interests are evident around the kindergarten, in planning and in portfolios. Children, with support and input from the teachers work together to drive learning. Teacher set provocations and introduce where appropriate, new ideas, avenues for exploration and investigation.Children and teachers are seen as leaders and experts within the programme. A collaborative approach is evident.   Our planning stories reflect the holistic development of children – each child relates the programme in their own unique way. Teachers and children support each other – there is mutual respect. Children are passionate about subjects they know about and have an inherent interest in sharing and this often becomes a focus within the programme. Children taking pride in having their ‘expertise’ recognised within the kindergarten – by peers, teachers and the community. Children often share their work via the project and DVD .There is a family/whanau rich environment that works alongside children, teachers and committee. Parents support and assist children to extend learning experiences. Children engage and support each other in learning. Teachers are supportive emotionally of children; affection and humour is shared (and reciprocal). Teachers care and are committed.

Kindergarten Hours

Rangitoto Kindergarten operates a kindergarten day model.  Our children are split into two groups of 40 based on age; older children attend three 6 hour days per week, and younger group attend two 6 hour days per week.

Older Group Children: Mon, Tues, Thur 8:30am - 2:30pm

Younger Group Children:  Wed, Fri 8:30am - 2:30pm

Our Indoor Environment

Our Outdoor Environment

Education Review Office Report

To view our latest report please follow this link to the Education Review Office

Our Team

Chris Nicol (Head Teacher), Kiri Baskerville,  Janet Mafi, Nikki Kim, Rajni Malhotra (Teachers), Natasha Williams (Admin), Carrie Macintosh (Aide)

What Parents say about us...

"The staff at Rangitoto Kindy are exceptional at creating real learning experiences for the children that are relevant, topical, interesting, thought provoking, and which challenge the children to be aware of the world around them."

"I love the use of natural materials, the amazing outdoor area and space inside for children to choose where they'd like to play and engage in."

"Really lovely learning environment. Well thought out, well resourced, creative. Lots of natural light."

"The teachers do a great job at making sure there's a good variety (of resources)"

Parent Committee

Rangitoto Kindergarten has great support from parents and the local community.  We have been very fortunate in having a strong and thriving Committee.  The Committee is made up of a group of interested parents.  It provides a great opportunity to form friendships, become involved in your child's education and support the kindergarten.

The committee organises fundraising and social events throughout the year (children's disco, trike-a-thon...) supports the teachers and function of the kindergarten.  Meetings are monthly and new members are always welcome!

Get in Touch

2a Hythe Terrace

Mairangi Bay


P: (09) 478 3355