Welcome to Mahurangi Kindergarten

Mahurangi Kindergarten is located at 13 Albert Road, in the northern Auckland town of Warkworth. Let’s begin with the story of our kindergarten’s name. Mahurangi is the shortened version of the Maori phrase, ‘Mahu hu ki te rangi”, which translates to “The rock that points to the sky.”

While literally referring to a landmark in the area, we have taken this meaning and made it into an inspiration for our kindergarten.

We are here to help your child to fly, to help them “reach the sky”. Like our name suggests, the sky is the limit, let’s soar with the eagles. Together with you, the parents, we can make your child’s journey at Mahurangi kindergarten the first step on the road to a lifelong love of learning.

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"When I first came into this kindergarten, I knew this was the right place....there is something about here" - Parent

Being present in the moment

We have a ‘values’ based philosophy that includes values such as beauty, joy, respect, and compassion. The practice of ‘mindfulness’ has become part of the routine and ritual of each day. Children are encouraged to be present in each moment - stopping to notice feelings, sounds, smells and other sensory sensations.

What parents say about us...

"So much available and different activities circulated on different days"

"Awesome environment, colourful, bright, welcoming"

"I have had children at various kindergartens around the country with other children and this is the best by far! Difference is the staff and their amazing attitudes."

"I love Mahurangi Kindergarten"

"Truly fantastic staff on every level" 

What parents (and kids) say about us when their time at kindy comes to an end...

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for welcoming our entire family to be part of your living kindy community. The love, happiness and knowledge you have shared with us will be with us forever."

"I love the teachers and the kids at kindy sooo much! I'm going to miss everyone at kindy when I go to school!"

"Thanks for an amazing 3 1/2 years, we're going to miss you all - Mahurangi Kindergarten is a truly unique and special place!"

"Thank you for adding so much to our child's last two years and to ours. We've learnt about new foods, art, cultures, songs, sport and stories through you" 

'We love that you see the capable, intelligent, sensitive humans that just happen to be under 5"

"Thank you for so much more than ECE"

Education Review Office

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Our Team

Michelle Fogarty (Head Teacher), Sandi Matheson, Kara Dudley, Sarah Clark (Teachers), Julia McLean (Admin/Teacher Support), Helen Byrne (Teacher Aide) 

Session Times

Monday to Friday 8.45am to 2.45pm 

Get in Touch

13 Albert Road


P: (09) 425 7096